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Remote Sales Jobs that are in demand today

Remote work is on the rise as we see more and more people going saying goodbye to the traditional office and completing their work away from their cubicle.

You now have the freedom to either work from home or while you are on the road.

This new style of working allows employees to work from wherever they are without having to be physically present in a certain location.

A salesperson can work remotely by calling or messaging his/her clients from home.

With advanced technology and interconnectivity now available, a sales job can now be done seamlessly via video conferencing, voice over the internet or mobile messaging.

Sales Jobs that are available for Remote workers

Telemarketing and telesales jobs are common openings for salespeople who are on the hunt for remote work.

The job only requires a form of communication that will allow the sales agent to contact clients as well as the employer. The internet or telephone is a usual tool of the trade.

Large companies like Apple, Amazon and Dell offer remote sales jobs that are fit for employees who prefer to work remotely.

If you are not the type who enjoys a purely virtual sales job, there are companies who hire remote salespeople who still make face to face sales calls but are not required to be present at the office. 

The Benefits of Remote Sales Job

Having a home office may be one of your dream goals as a salesperson. Now is the time to go for the next step in your career as you transition from your traditional job and work virtually from the comfort of your own home.

This change in atmosphere can boost your passion for your job. You may be tired of being “forced” to go to the office and being managed by a boss that you don’t really like.

You don’t need to get up early to beat the rush hour traffic. 

Remote work is a gamechanger for your career. You can now choose who to work with at any given time.

Studies show that remote workers are happier and work more efficiently. This translates to a higher quality of work which benefits both employer and employee. 

Aside from the basic salary, some companies may offer sales commissions when you close a deal which is an added bonus.

On average, remote sales agents make $39k a year. 

Working From Home

Experts foresee that remote jobs will grow to more than 3 quarters of all the American workforce in 2025.

If you feel like a career in remote sales is for you, we have good news for you. We have gathered together the best remote sales job opportunities from the top job boards around the web. 

We have the latest remote jobs from NoDesk, Dribble, GitHub,, JustRemote, We Work Remotely, Stack Overflow, Remote OK, and Remotive.

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